ProcureNode Oy was established in late 2020 to enhance indirect procurement spend visibility and enable supplier performance measurement.

But it will be so much more than that!

Our mission is to help companies streamline their procurement and purchasing workflow and ensure that the money spent delivers maximal business value. The CEO of ProcureNode Oy, Jarno Salomäki has more than 15 years of experience in international companies. During the years, he has experienced different industry sectors and company structures, developed procurement processes, and built an indirect procurement function.

Despite the ongoing efforts taking place in procurement organizations, and tools available on the market, there is an area that typically calls for an additional push. Indirect procurement is typically distributed across different departments. Governance and workflow processes may be a challenging topic. This is the very core to which we at ProcureNode Oy are trying to deliver relief.

Compared to consumer business, b2b eCommerce is underdeveloped. With our solution, we will increase the number of digital business transactions in the b2b environment. We are creating a SaaS-based multi-channel procurement software where commercial activities can take place.