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Suunto Oy

Indirect sourcing maturity leap

Suunto Oy was born in 1936, when Tuomas Vohlonen, the founder of Suunto, invented a way to make more accurate compasses for his orienteering expeditions. Since then, the company has been involved in countless adventures from the mountains to the deepest oceans. Suunto's products have helped many people realize their dreams of adventures, taking them to the limits and beyond.

ProcureNode carried out an indirect sourcing development project for Suunto, using the TOC-based procurement analysis methodology. The project methodology was tailored to fit the needs of Suunto. The project was executed well and according to plan.

The project started with a kick-off meeting to identify the scope of the analysis and the related data sources and research materials.

A total of 20 interviews were carried out and, thanks to excellent cooperation, this resulted in particularly high-quality data for analysis. To support the interviews, we collected and further processed numerical data on indirect spending.

As a result of the project, a final report was presented and delivered to Suunto, comparing the current state of indirect sourcing against the sourcing maturity model. The sourcing maturity model is used to assess the current maturity level of the process and set targets and objectives for development.

The client was provided with a list of concrete steps to be taken to progressively increase sourcing maturity to reach the target. A more detailed and concrete project plan was built based on the analysis. Finally, we calculated the benefit estimates under different scenarios, ranging from high, medium, to low.

The project plan and included next-step proposals were taken to the Suunto management team. The management team took a positive decision and it was decided to start the implementation of the plan. ProcureNode will continue to work with Suunto and help to implement the plan.