The software solution


Our software solution, ProcureNode, is a SaaS-based procurement system targeted for SMEs. The main industry we’re currently focusing on is the manufacturing industry.

ProcureNode will visualize purchasing workflow from requisitioning to goods receipt and enable the gatekeeping process.

Items management will be a challenge when implementing any purchase-to-pay solution utilizing item codes. We will reduce the pain of creating and maintaining purchase items in highly complex systems without losing the granular level spend information.

Major challenges indirect sourcing is facing are a large number of stakeholders and buyers, de-centralized processes, and lack of spend visibility.

The first steps to creating meaningful procurement data are the creation of harmonized spend categorization throughout the group or company, understanding business needs, and ensuring the availability of quality data.

ProcureNode solution is built to serve high diversity of stakeholders and end-users. The user experience is designed to be intuitive and as easy as possible. Easy and fast requisitioning is the key to early, upstream involvement for procurement organizations.

Each additional feature adds complexity. Our intention is to keep the solution simple and include features that genuinly adds value.


Eventually, what strategic procurement needs as an input to their operations, are aggregated and granular level of spend and supplier data.


ProcureNode is a SaaS-based solution and our pricing model is either monthly or annual subscription fee per user plus an onboarding fee. The benefit of such a pricing model is, that it fits well for different-sized companies.

The pricing model is scalable, so it’s suitable for growth companies, too. It also enables you to try the solution with a smaller group of people to get experience, and then scale it up later.

Our prices are based either on monthly or annual user fees. The price is charged upfront.

The pricing model can be changed from monthly to annual at any time.

An agreement is signed, but we will make it easy for you. With a monthly subscription fee, your longest commitment is only one month with the number of users you choose to have.


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