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At ProcureNode, we specialize in transforming your procurement processes from a necessary function to a strategic asset. Leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise, we help you optimize costs, manage supplier relationships, and implement best practices across your organization.

Whether you’re navigating through economic downturns or aiming for fiscal efficiency, our range of tailored services and training programs offers comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs.

With our process evaluation services, we aim to identify opportunities for process development opportunities. Our method is based on the theory of constraints and lean philosophy. It’s a systematic approach to defining constraints and obstacles that stand in front of progress.

The constraint is considered as the limiting factor that refrains the process from reaching its full potential even when nothing goes wrong.

Our analytics method is focusing on three core areas of process:

    • People
    • Processes
    • Tools and Technology

Every system has a constraint or limiting factor. When root causes are found, there are at most only a few real constraints standing in the way of progress.

The method we’re using does not significantly differ from general project management models. However, there are a few differences making it unique and very effective for developing complex systems.

The research data needed for a successful project includes data and interviews with people involved in the process.

We will also use a maturity model to benchmark current status and define a clear objective for development activities. Finally we are able to answer three core questions:

    1. What do we need to change to reach the target?
    2. What to change to?
    3. How to cause the change?

Interested but have some questions?

The best way to move forward is to contact us and book a meeting. During the meeting, we can evaluate what can be done and how we can deliver value for you.

Enhancing purchasing and sourcing efficiency is always a unique project and needs to be evaluated case-by-case.

Depending on the scope, we need data about indirect spending and time from people involved in the procurement process. We will do the analysis based on the research data. During the kickoff, the project management model is agreed upon. It’s up to you to choose how often you want to be updated on the progress.

The amount of indirect spend can be significant. The typical amount of indirect spend in the manufacturing industry ranges somewhere between 20% – 40%, depending on what is included under indirect categories.

Indirect spend is usually larger than what is estimated, and once analyzed, the actual spend could strike as a surprise.

In addition to potential cost-saving opportunities, proper attention to indirect spend and indirect procurement processes can be transformed into an advantage and competitive edge.

We will deliver a concrete project plan including prerequisite trees on how to move forward to reach objectives. We will identify and point out undesirable effects and the root causes behind them. Typically, an event correlation is a method used here.

The more concrete targets are defined at the beginning, the better results are received in the end. If people are skilled, processes efficient, and tools well designed, the results and benefits are inevitable.

It’s a mutual benefit that a contract is signed. We have different contract types available, from fixed term to open-ended. Depending on an assignment, the scope, and the size of the assignment, we can customize the contract according to the needs.


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