Software solution for end-to-end procurement management

ProcureNode solution helps you manage the Purchase-to-Pay process through an intuitive user interface

  • Purchase requests

    User friendly and easy way to make purchasing requests.

  • Approvals

    The approval process for purchase requests ensures, that purchases are made from approved suppliers according to the purchasing policy

  • Catalog upkeep

    Product catalog upkeep is made as easy as possible. You can also outsource the job for us!

  • Procurement monitoring and analysis

    All indirect purchases can be logged into one solution. All data connected to each purchase can be exported into a csv file for detailed analysis.

Our software solution ProcureNode is a SaaS-based procurement platform for SMEs. The main sector we are currently focusing on is manufacturing.

ProcureNode visualizes the procurement workflow from the request to the receipt and payment of the goods.

The data stored in the system is exported into a CSV file which can be uploaded into almost any data visualization tool for further analysis. The data analysis is not dependent on the information contained in the invoice alone. You have the entire transaction list at your fingertips at the time of analysis.

Cost and process transparency are the cornerstones of strategic sourcing. It is essential to see the granulated level of data as well as the big picture. You also need accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers, communication, and timestamps.


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