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ProcureNode Oy is a company focused on developing and digitalizing purchasing and procurement. We offer a range of procurement services and we have developed a procurement application.

With the ProcureNode application, you can take control of all your indirect procurement transactions. The system brings transparency and accuracy to your costs and enables you to identify new cost savings opportunities.

Ensure your competitiveness by investing in procurement

Companies should invest more in procurement to remain competitive in today's business environment. In times of inflation, cost efficiency can be achieved by optimising, modernising and digitalising procurement processes.

Many small businesses are beginning to delve into indirect procurement as a way to uncover additional savings. Indirect purchases frequently occur in a decentralized manner throughout various departments within the organization.

Transparency is key for making data-driven decisions. It’s also crucial to adapt processes to meet customer demands and respond to market shifts.

We excel in ‘greenfield’ projects, focusing not just on our core services but extending into indirect procurement. Unlike traditional consultants who work externally, we embed ourselves within the company for more immediate results. Our projects kick off by identifying savings opportunities and then implementing them.

Improving processes delivers long-term benefits. This doesn’t have to be a separate project; we can develop policies and processes while simultaneously focusing on strategic sourcing for immediate gains.

20 Years of experience in Purchasing & Procurement

Our expertise and experience is focused on improving the smoothness and efficiency of procurement processes.


Procurement Services

We offer a range of procurement consultancy services from analysis to hands-on/freelance type work. Our services can also be combined with our procurement application.

ProcureNode Solution

Our solution enables the requesting-approval-purchasing process for complex indirect purchases. Want to see how you can enhance your purchasing processes?

We have extensive experience in purchasing, procurement and logistics backed up by the same amount in startups, software industry, service development and b2b sales

We ♥️ building new things, developing processes, and delivering measurable results. We want to see the result of our work. The happy customer is the best result we can possibly get.

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