Our mission is to

make procurement more effective

ProcureNode Oy was established in late 2020 to enhance procurement processes, spend visibility and enable supplier performance measurement.

But we are so much more than that!

What do we do exactly?

Our target market is SME-sized companies in the manufacturing industry.

The theory of constraints is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving its full potential by a small number of constraints.

Our consultation follows a systematic approach to define constraints standing in front of progress and development. We will identify these constraints and map causal connections between the root cause and visible undesirable effects. As a result, we deliver a concrete development plan to reduce undesirable effects and improve performance.

In addition to our “service-as-a-service” concept, we are also developing a software solution, software-as-a-service. Our software will enhance purchasing and procurement process, deliver process and spend visibility as well, as it helps with process compliance.

17+ Years of experience in Purchasing & Procurement

Our expertise and experience is focused on improving the smoothness and efficiency of procurement processes.


Procurement Consulting

We have developed a unique method to analyze the development potential and maturity level of your procurement processes. It's built on ToC and Lean practices.


ProcureNode Solution

Our solution is being developed and we're more than happy to demonstrate it. We're also looking for companies within the SME sector to participate in the pilot during 2022.

We have 17+ years of experience in purchasing, procurement and logistics backed up by the same amount in startups, software industry, service development and b2b sales

We ♥️ building new things, developing processes, and delivering measurable results. We want to see the result of our work. The happy customer is the best result we can possibly get.

ProcureNode software solution development

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We’re publishing periodically updates about where we are with the development of our software solution.

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