Our mission is to streamline procurement processes

We will help you to take a real maturity leap to enhance procurement processes and enable synergy generation

Our solutions range from analytics services into the procurement software currently going through the development phase.

Our analytics service follows a specific method based on Lean and the theory of constraints philosophies. The theory of constraints is a management model that aims to identify constraints limiting the full potential of the system or process.

Every system has at least one constraint but at most only a few. The constraint is the limiting factor of the system, that prohibits progress and full performance even when nothing is factually wrong.

Our approach is to identify all those undesirable effects purchasing or sourcing process includes

Our approach is to identify all those undesirable effects purchasing or sourcing process includes. These undesirable effects are connected to all causes until the root cause is identified. Once the causal process is understood and modeled, it’s possible to start enhancing the system and reducing undesirable effects. The performance of every system or process relies on three ingredients:

We are in the process of creating an easy-to-use software for smooth requisition-to-purchase operations

With our solution, we’re targeting SME sector companies mainly from the manufacturing industry. The core idea of the software is to make it easy to use, flexible, and quickly implementable. Proper spend visibility is not possible without enriching invoice data and adding more data into the process.



We are currently looking for early adopters to pilot the solution in near future. However, we want to make sure our solution is 100% right for you. Therefore, we would love to get to know you better, understand your sourcing processes deeply and identify the root causes generating visible undesirable effects you struggle with.

We'd love to help you perform better and ensure your purchasing and sourcing processes run at optimal level!